The Beatles Friday, Jul 23 2010 

I’ve noticed that there are three types of people in this world; those who love The Beatles, those who hate The Beatles, and those who don’t know they know The Beatles. Well, whatever type of person you may be, I just want to inform you that The Beatles changed my life in more ways than I thought a band could possibly do, and if you listen they can do the same for you.

They wrote songs about love, war, hate, politics, world events, and everything else. They put together words and music and transformed

those words into magic. I’ve been listening to their music a lot lately and some of the lyrics bring tears to my eyes. Take for example, the song “Because.”

“Because the world is round, it turns me on. Because the wind is high, it blows my mind. Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry”

These lyrics combined with their voices in unison makes me cry! I think the way they describe the world in metaphor is absolutely genius. I love it and this song tends to be my favorite most days. As all Beatles fans know, you cant really have a favorite Beatles song or album, you can only have a favorite song or album of the day, or week, or month.

Those who don’t know that they know who The Beatles are should buy an album and just listen. Maybe you’ll want to buy another and maybe someday you’ll be able to point out one of their songs on the radio in your car or at a store. I didn’t appreciate their music or much music at all until about 2 years ago and my life, as far as music goes, has never been the same.

I’m not too sure where I was going with this blog, I just wanted to share my thoughts about how I feel about them. Thats all.

Coming Out Tuesday, Mar 30 2010 

I am going to talk about an issue that has bothered me for some time now.  This blog is sparked by Ricky Martins press conference in which he announced he was “a fortunate homosexual man.” This act is commonly referred to as “coming out of the closet” or in shorter terms, “coming out.” This term and act of saying “I am gay” in itself says to society that they are not equals to the “straight community” and in fact, separates and alienates them from society.

Why is it necessary for someone to admit that they are gay? It’s almost like admitting to a crime in which you need to openly admit to doing. Being gay is NOT a crime, though, and in “coming out” that person is simply making themselves look as if they are doing something wrong. Society’s obsession to stick their noses in everyone’s business doesn’t help either. In fact, this obsession is probably the factor for having to “come out of the closet” in the first place. But why is this the case with the LGBT community? I mean, no one is trying to get Jim Carey, Julia Roberts, or Robin Williams to admit they are straight, so why do we care when a celebrity is gay? Will the fact that they are, or aren’t, change how we perceive their acting skills? Unless we are so close minded that we won’t watch anymore of their movies because they are “sinners” (which in definition we all are), then we probably won’t care too much.

Anyways, I think I’m getting off topic here. The key take away is that by “coming out” that person is already saying “yes, I admit it, I am not equal to that of a heterosexual person.” This coming out process is hugely influenced by the vulture eyes of society and should dissipate. Every person should have the right to simply be.

Fee Scams Monday, Mar 1 2010 

So, I guess I’m going to start my very first blog on something that makes me very upset; Fees. Enough said! Ok, well maybe I should elaborate a little. So yesterday I logged on to my “The Limited” credit card account only to find that I had four “Automatic Payment Fees,”  four “late fees” and four “Transaction fees.”

The “Automatic Payment Fees” were basically “I’m charging you for paying your balance” fees and absolutely ridiculous. I was being charged for paying my bills! Now the next fees were due to these fees. I set up  my account to pay $10 a month the day before the due date. The Automatic payment fees were sucking up the $10 payment and leaving my balance the same and causing me to get a late fee. So,  I wasn’t making any payments at all, I was simply paying the fees.

To top that off, I was also being charged $1 a month for processing my account and sending me my statements. What makes this ridiculous is that I shopped there only once, for only one month, so the $1 was basically a donation because I only received one statement.

Luckily, I have mad skills to argue and was able to get the half the fees waived. Funny enough, after my balance was left at only $35, the phone representative said “Would like to pay that off right now?” and when I asked if there would be a fee and he replied yes, I simply laughed and hung up the phone.